Manual Biodynamic Beekeeping

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Dear Readers,

With this manual, we would like to share the current methods of biodynamic beekeeping and encourage discussion on a beekeeping of the future.
Our “proBiene” institute – an independent, non-profit initiative for organic beekeeping – is currently being established. To find out how to contact or support us, please turn to the final page of this booklet.

We look forward to receiving your enquiries and feedback!

If you would like to get it, please drop us an email. It’s for free but we are happy to get a donation:

IBAN: DE83 4306 0967 7047 5933 00
Bank: GLS Bank

1 Bewertung für Manual Biodynamic Beekeeping

  1. Roman Chervonyy

    Good evening!
    I have been practising beekeeping for 11 years.
    I want to ask you about more information in this area (esecially about treatment).

    • Marvin Hamm

      Dear Roman,

      of course we can send you the brochure below. Please just send us an email with your address to:

      your proBiene-Team

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